荣    誉 SDSA 可持续发展特别奖

类    型 Architecture 建筑设计

设计师 Studio Roosegaarde

WINDVOGEL are energy generating kites which produce green energy. Floating in the air with their green light emitting cables WINDVOGEL creates a play of light and new energy. The smart kites move around and are connected with a cable to a ground station. This push and pull of the cable transforms movement into electricity, like the dynamo of a bicycle, and can supply energy up to 200 households.



The project is a tribute to the Dutch astronaut Wubbo Ockels († 2014). Roosegaarde brings his dream to life, together with the spin-off of the TU Delft, and complements WINDVOGEL with a specially designed fiber line crafted exclusively for WINDVOGEL. Whilst flying, Roosegaarde’s WINDVOGEL creates a visual symphony of dancing lines to celebrate the beauty and poetry of green energy. WINDVOGEL had its successful grand opening in the Netherlands for ICOON AFSLUITDIJK and is currently on tour around the world. ICOON AFSLUITDIJK is the design innovation program commissioned by the Dutch Government, to enhance the innovative character of the legendary Dutch dike whilst highlighting its key functions: water protection & heritage, energy, and mobility as an exemplary model of a smart landscape for today and tomorrow. The three designs developed by Daan Roosegaarde and his team of designers and engineers GATES OF LIGHT, WINDVOGEL and GLOWING NATURE form a model of a green landscape.