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Baik Kumnam
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Baik Kumnam

Korean designer, professor at College of Art of



Korean designer Baik Kumnam was born in 1948. He got his B.F.A. in Art (1969) and his M.F.A. in Art (1974) from HongIk University. In 1981 he received his M.F.A. in Fine Art Education in KyungHee University and in 1992 he received his M.F.A. in Advertising & PR from Chung Ang University. Then in 2000 he finished his Ph.D. course work in the History of Korean Arts, Dong Kuk University.

Baik Kumnam is now a Professor of College of Art of Sungkyunkwan University. He’s also an invited artist, jury & member of Executive Committee, Korean National Industrial Design Exhibition and jury & member of Steering Committee, Korean National Fine Arts Exhibition.


Meanwhile Baik Kumnam acts as the Director General of The Korean Industrial Artists' Association(KIAA), Member of The Korean Fine Arts Association(KFA), Member of Advisory Committee of The Korean Society for Experimentation in Contemporary Design(KECD), Member of Steering Committee, The Korean Contemporary Printmakers Association(KCPA), Member of Special Committee, Visual Information Design Association of Korea(VIDAK), Chief of Branding & Design Section, Korean Branding Association(KBA), Vice President of Art Forum International(AFI), Member of Design Committee of The Metropolitan City of Seoul. He was also the Chairman of Design Committee of The Korean Organizing Committee for the 2002 FIFA Worldcup Korea, Chairman of Executive Committee of The Korean International Poster Biennale 2002.


Baik Kumnam had given personal exhibitions in different countries all over the world for 156 times, including Korea(27times), Belgium(3), Brazil, Britain(2), Bulgaria, Canada, Chile(5), China(6), Estonia(2), Finland, Germany(5), Hungary(2), India(3), Italy(6), Japan(44), Mexico(2), Norway, Poland(16), Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Thailand, Uruguay, U.S.A.(2), U.S.S.R., Yugoslavia(18).

Meanwhile his works have been exhibited in many Korean & international exhibitions, such as Chaumont International Art Graphic Poster(France), Warsaw International Poster Biennale(Poland), Korean International Poster Biennale(Korea), San Francisco International Print Exhibition(U.S.A.), Frechen International Print Triennale(Germany), Bharar Bhavan International Print Biennale(India), Tsingtao International Print Biennale(China), Seoul International Print Biennale(Korea),etc.

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  • ·UNESCO Creative Cities Network member cities exhibition
  • ·CODE International Poster Competition exhibition
  • ·City of Design (Shenzhen·China) Public Service Advertising Competition
  • ·Shenzhen· City of Design Exhibition